Famous Birthdays Team

Evan Britton, Founder

A passionate entrepreneur, Evan has been involved with web-based endeavors since the late '90s. He leads the company's mission to build the celebrity discovery platform for the digital generation. Evan has been humbled by the excitement and gratitude users have shown for the Famous Birthdays brand.

Andrew Ericksen, Chief Content Officer

Andrew earned his degree in writing and film from the University of Michigan. As CCO, he oversees all celebrity profiles on Famous Birthdays, along with running the data and content team. He’s passionate about making sure the Famous Birthdays team is focused and working hard on the company's mission.

Kevin Ostrowski, Head of Technology

Kevin is a dedicated engineer with 15 years of experience building and managing web technologies. As Head of Technology, he overseas the Famous Birthdays front-end and back-end, ensuring that users have a great experience, and team members are able to work productively. Kevin enjoys running systems accessed by millions of users each month.

Nate Grant, Chief Operating Officer

Nate earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia. As the Chief Operating Officer of Famous Birthdays, Nate oversees all of the operations of the company and makes sure all up and coming celebrities find their way onto the website.

Laura Ruiz, Director of Marketing

Laura graduated Cum Laude from the University of New Mexico, earning Dean's List honors in each of her 4 years at the University. As director of marketing, Laura develops direct relationships with celebrities and their management. She enjoys working with up and coming celebs to get them profiled on Famous Birthdays.

Gregory Davis, Head of Content

Greg is a University of Florida Film and Media Studies graduate with a passion for TV and movies. He enjoys profiling up and coming actors, web stars, TV shows, and movies. He admittedly watches too much TV, but he is now benefiting from his TV watching habit as the senior writer for Famous Birthdays.

Jon Eager, Head of Video

Jon earned a Bachelor of Science degree in music production from Ohio University. Jon is a highly skilled editor and he's excited to be at the forefront of Famous Birthdays' video editing project.

Taylor Casey, Associate Editor

Taylor graduated from the University of Iowa, majoring in Communication Studies and English. As an associate editor she's focused on the profiles of celebrities in acting, singing, and social media. A long-time Entertainment Industry aficionado, she enjoys helping Famous Birthdays users learn more about today's rising stars.

Krysten Wicka, Celebrity Relations Manager

Krysten earned a Communications degree from California State University San Marcos, achieving Dean's List Honors in her Senior year. As celebrity relations manager, she communicates with celebs who are in the process of being profiled, and with established celebs already on the Famous Birthdays platform. Krysten is ecstatic to be on the team.

Robert Joneja, Senior Data Scientist

Robert graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. With a passion for entertainment and pop culture, Robert is eager to analyze user behavior to help scale the Famous Birthdays platform.

Hadley Alley, Senior Data Scientist

Hadley graduated from Washington State University, studying Political Science and English. He applies his knowledge and excitement for the entertainment industry to his work for Famous Birthdays. He's excited to work for a brand dedicated to bridging the gap between celebrities and their fans.

Myles Pollin, Data Scientist

Myles graduated from Penn State University with a degree in film before earning a Master’s in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute. An entertainment industry connoisseur, he enjoys expanding his knowledge of current and future celebs while working at Famous Birthdays.

Joe Wu, Video Editor

Joe graduated magna cum laude from California State University, Long Beach, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Electronic Arts - Theory and Practice of Cinema. A savvy video editor, he’s passionate about all aspects of entertainment and is thrilled to be editing videos for popular Famous Birthdays profiles.

Tyler Britton, Social Media Manager

Tyler earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Advertising and Public Relations from California State University, Dominguez Hills. As social media manager, he enjoys engaging with the passionate Famous Birthdays community across the major social platforms.

Nick Emmons, Staff Writer

Nick graduated from Cypress College, with an Associates Degree in English. He specializes in profiling musicians and film-makers for Famous Birthdays. As a longtime follower of the music industry, he enjoys applying his excitement for music to his work.

Jeremy Berkowitz, Staff Writer

Jeremy earned a degree in Screen Arts and Cultures with a sub-concentration in screenwriting from the University of Michigan. A writer and lover of all things pop culture, he hopes to expand his knowledge of the world of fame.

Grant Phillips, Staff Writer

Grant earned a degree in English from UCLA, where he was on the Dean’s List. With an interest in journalism, he is excited to be researching and profiling rising celebrities and new pop culture icons.

Zach Schwartz, Data Scientist

Zach graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor's degree in Strategic Communications. He received Dean's List honors multiple semesters during his studies. As part of the Data Science team, Zach enjoys helping create Famous Birthdays profiles for the latest rising celebrities.

Nate Grant, Data Scientist

Nate graduated Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors Degree in journalism and a minor in film studies. As a data scientist, Nate helps make sure the next up-and-coming celebrities all find their way onto the website. He is thrilled to be contributing to Famous Birthdays.

Michelle Rincon, Data Scientist

Michelle graduated from Full Sail University majoring in Entertainment Business, she was Valedictorian of her class. As a data scientist, Michelle helps to research rising social media stars. She is thrilled to be able to expand her knowledge of the Entertainment industry through her work.