1949 Chinese Zodiac

Those born between January 29, 1949 and February 16, 1950 are members of the Earth Ox Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before January 29th, please consult the 1948 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Earth Rat.

Thanks to a double helping of the Earth Element, the Earth Ox becomes one of the most practical of all the Ox signs. Grounded and fully aware of their limitations, the Earth Ox is content with their circumstances. This is not to be confused with a lack of drive however, as the Earth Ox is capable of reaching their desired level of success, no matter how long or slow the process may be. The Earth Ox is not overly versed in emotion or sensitivity, but is loving and caring with those they hold dear. Family members and friends of the Earth Ox are no stranger to their subtle brand of affection.

The determination and practicality of the Earth Ox make a variety of careers available to pursue. The Earth Ox can do well in careers that require diligence and organization. If the Earth Ox takes time to embrace its latent creativity, it can achieve great things. The Earth Ox's potential can be seen in the longevity and perseverance of famous Earth Ox's like performer Lionel Richie or actress Meryl Streep.

If the Earth Ox had one challenge to overcome, it would be their innate lack of creativity. The Earth Ox often passes up chances to be inspired and may be so conservative and practical that at times, they become to engrossed in routine. This quality can become a weakness if the Earth Ox constantly passes opportunities in the name of order.

The organ of the Earth Ox is the digestive system. In order to protect this vital organ, the Earth Ox is encouraged to have a moderate diet, being especially aware to avoid overly rich foods.