1953 Chinese Zodiac

Those born between February 14, 1953 and February 2, 1954 are members of the Water Snake Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before February 14th, please consult the 1952 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Water Dragon.

With the fluid influence of the Water Element, the Water Snake is the most intuitive and understanding of the Snake signs. Instead of facing their challenges with force, the Water Snake uses social skills and gifts of communication to reach their goals. Unlike the other solitary Snake types, the Water Snake wins over friends with charisma and warmth. In this sense, the Water Snake can be amongst the most loving of the Snake types. As is the case with all Snakes, the Water Snake can be secretive and has a tendency to hold grudges.

The intuition and social intelligence of the Water Snake creates a variety of career opportunities to explore. With gifts for compassion and an interest in human welfare, the Water Snake could do well in politics, law, medicine, or therapy. Similarly, by embracing their intellectual interests, careers in science, engineering or social science could also be fitting. On the other hand, those born under the Water Snake sign have been known to be successful entertainers. This can be seen in the careers of Hulk Hogan and Tim Allen, who were both born in 1953.

While the Water Snake has many positive qualities, their zodiac influence is not without its negative attributes. With more of an open mind than other Snake types, the Water Snake can suffer from indecisiveness. In the same sense, their lack of convection can cause them to be too passive at times. In order to counter these downfalls, those born under the Water Snake sign are encouraged to follow their intuition and take a firmer stance in life.

The organs of the Water Snake are the kidneys. By keeping a healthy active, lifestyle the Water Snake can protect these vital organs.