1972 Chinese Zodiac

Those born between February 15, 1972 and February 2, 1973 are members of the Water Rat Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before February 15th, please consult the 1971 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Metal Pig.

The members of the 1972 Chinese Zodiac year have a double influence of the Water Element. More so than any of the other members of the Rat sign, the Water Rat has exceptional mental agility and communication skills. The Water Rat has a special interest in gaining knowledge and has the ability to learn from others, just as easily as they can teach themselves. Socially, Water Rats are diplomatic, which is a fact often appreciated greatly by their friends and family. The Water Rat displays compassion and understanding with ease and as a result, can be quite flexible at times. Similarly, the Water Rat does not share in the same intensity of other Rat elements, preferring a more calm existence.

The Water Rat's gift for communication make them the most expressive of the Rat signs. For this reason, those born in 1972, may do well in writing, journalism or education careers. Water Rats have especially been known to connect with others lyrically, which can be seen in the lives of greatly loved and respected musicians Tupac Shakur and Selena Quintanilla, who were both born in 1972. The whit of the Water Rat also makes them natural comedians, much like Sacha Baron Cohen and Amy Poehler, who are both side-splitting Water Rats.

Emotionally, Water Rats have the tendency to become overwhelmed and stressed. In these situations, it is best for the Water Rat to look family members and close friends for guidance. In this sense, it is important for the Water Rat to avoid their emotionally guarded nature and to become comfortable enough to expose their most pressing worries and concerns with loved ones.

The organs of the Water Rat are the kidneys and bladder. The double influence of Water in those born in 1972, may lead to a strong susceptibly to health issues with these organs.