1988 Chinese Zodiac

Those born between February 17, 1988 and February 5, 1989 are members of the Earth Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before February 17th, please consult the 1987 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Fire Rabbit.

With a double influence of the Earth Element, the Earth Dragon is the most stable and grounded of all the different Dragon types. With a less self-centered personality, the Earth Dragon can display patience, prudence and a realistic mindset to all aspects of their life. Those born under the Earth Dragon sign have the ability to keep an open mind and take the opinions of others into consideration; this gift is paired nicely with the determination and hardworking nature that all Dragon signs share. The Earth Dragon can be considered a natural manager with gifts for organization and adaptability.

With gifts for determination, practicality and organization, the Earth Dragon can be successful in a variety of careers. The Earth Dragon could lead others as a manager, administrator or organizer. Similarly, the Earth Dragon would do well to take their work ethic to the world of business or advertising. Those born in 1988 have been known to show great success in music or entertainment, which can be seen in the internationally successful careers of Adele and Rihanna, who are both Earth Dragons.

While the personality of the Earth Dragon has many positive aspects, those born under the sign also have some negative influences to overcome. At times, the open-minded nature of the Earth Dragon makes them too easily influences, even when their instincts are superior. Similarly, the Earth Dragon may be too quick to accommodate the needs of others. In this sense, members of the Earth Dragon sign are encouraged to embrace their intuition and to speak up for themselves when the need arises.

The organs of the Earth Dragon are the stomach and pancreas. In this sense, Earth Dragons are encouraged to limit their intake of rich, unhealthy foods to protect their important organs.