1991 Chinese Zodiac

Those born between February 15, 1991 and February 3, 1992 are members of the Metal Sheep Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before February 15th, please consult the 1990 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Metal Horse.

Under the strong influence of the Metal sign, the Metal Sheep posses the most strength and confidence of all the Sheep signs. The Metal Sheep has a strong will for independence and is likely to use their quick mind to work towards their goals. In this sense, the Metal Sheep may be the most hardworking of all the Sheep types. Although they share in the compassion and caring qualities of their sign, the Metal Sheep may be less likely to freely give out their friendship. The unbending nature of the Sheep translates to a resistance to change in life, but it also supports loyalty and commitment in relationships.

Hardworking and determined, the Metal Sheep has a variety of career opportunities to explore. The practical and material concerns of the Metal Sheep could do well in business, administration, or research. Similarly, the creative passions of the Metal Sheep would be a great fit for art, writing or landscaping. When embracing their musical sides, the Metal Sheep has been known to earn success as a musician or performer. This can be seen in the careers of Louis Tomlinson and Mitchel Musso, who were both born in 1991.

The strengths of the Metal Sheep are abundant, but they also are subject to some personality challenges. With a driving need for security, the Metal Sheep can become anxious and worried when things are uncertain in their life. As a result, it is not uncommon for the Metal Sheep to have a unhappy or gloomy persona at times. In order to counteract these difficulties, the Metal Sheep is encouraged to remain positive and find stability amongst their family and friends.

The organ of the Metal Sheep is the lungs. Although this vital organ is natural strong among the Metal Sheep, a healthy diet and regular exercise would go a long way in protecting the lungs.