February 19 Horoscope

As a Pisces born on February 19th, your personality is defined by a selfless, intuitive and romantic nature. When it comes to your loved ones, there is little you would not sacrifice. Your friends and family can recall numerous times that you placed their interests and well-being far above your own. Your generosity is paired nicely with strong intuition. At times, it seems like you understand how someone else is feeling before they know themselves! A natural romantic, you often spend time in the realm of love and beauty.

Your elemental pair is water and in fact, you are the only zodiac sign to have an adaptable relationship with the element. Your connection with water allows your words to flow with ease, which makes you a very effective communicator. Additionally, it is water that allows you immense comfort on the rocky seas of emotion. As you gain understanding from your emotional experiences, your compassion and intuition grows. Although most of water's influence can be considered positive, be aware that becoming too fully immersed in your emotions can lead to feelings of moodiness.

The Pisces is under the planetary rulership of Neptune and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you actually receive two helpings of Neptune's mysterious power. Neptune is the planet of refinement, which explains for your innate sensitivity, compassion and inspiration. Your unique planetary influence makes you the most natural dreamer of all the Pisces Decans. While some may confuse your open heart for naivety, the reality is you are optimistic and trusting. Your emotional intuition allows you to be expressive, compassionate, and to support your loved ones with ease, but at times, you may become too personally connected to the emotional burdens of others. In love, find a partner that does not take advantage of your positivity and shares in your value for romanticism.

Compassionate and a natural communicator, your natural skills will translate into a variety of career opportunities to explore. Your strong emotional understanding may be well-suited for people-based careers, such as counseling, teaching or social work. Similarly, you may do well in human resources or public relations, granted the atmosphere not hostile. If you are musically inclined, your sensitivity may make you a relatable lyricist, which was the case for Victoria Justice and Seal, who both share your February 19th birthday.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a crowded market place. This symbol suggests the importance of community and exchange. In your own life, you may benefit on both financial and social levels by interacting with your community.

Here are a few Pisces celebrities born on February 19 and their past or present romantic connections:

Victoria Justice (Pisces) and Nick Jonas (Virgo)
Seal (Pisces) and Heidi Klum (Gemini)

February 19 is associated with Birthday Number 3
February 19 is associated with Tarot Card 8 of Cups