July 12 Horoscope

As a Cancer born on July 12th, you are characterized by your empathetic and optimistic nature. Led by your intuition, you find it easy to sense exactly what others are thinking and feeling. While your friends and family are impressed with this ability, it has always been a natural ability. Your positive outlook on life allows you to see the best in situations and scenarios, which is also greatly appreciated by those around you.

Water is your paired element and your sign has the most fundamental connection with water of all the zodiac signs. Water is connected to emotion, which explains why you often experience emotions in strong waves. While these waves allow you to gain personal understanding in depth, they also assist you in your understanding of others. At times, you can experience even the most subtle ripple of emotions in others. Embracing these positive qualities will allow for continued empathetic growth, but be aware that becoming fully submerged in the influence of water could make you moody or emotionally unstable.

The moon is the planetary ruler of your sign, but because you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also influenced by the planet Neptune. While the moon's influence is directly seen in your psychic-like intuition and emotional perceptiveness, Neptune's influence is witnessed in your imaginative vision and spirituality. This unique combination makes you a dreamer and a romantic at heart. You take great satisfaction from being romanticized and enjoy the world of fantasy. While your active imagination may make you dissatisfied with reality at times, when used properly it is also one of your most powerful tools for happiness.

Your creativity and emotional understanding give you a variety of career options. You may find the greatest satisfaction in expression, whether it be poetry, creative writing or something similar. The revolutionary creative work of Bill Cosby, who was also born on July 12th, should be considered inspiration. Your imagination may be well suited for inventing, which was the path of George Washington Carver, another of your birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a famous singer giving a virtuous opera performance. While you may be appealed to the idea and glory of success, you must also take time to acknowledge its true price. This is a question that society fails to ask as well. Take time to reevaluate your life's ambition, as you can then accomplish your goals with more certainty.

Here are a few Cancer celebrities born on July 12 and their past or present romantic connections:

Michelle Rodriguez (Cancer) and Vin Diesel (Cancer)
Brock Lesnar (Cancer) and Rena Mero (Leo)

July 12 is associated with Birthday Number 1
July 12 is associated with Tarot Card 4 of Cups