May 31 Horoscope

Being a Gemini Born on May 31st, your strength lies in communication and a sometimes overwhelming interest in the world around you. New experiences and environments energize you and you love to share this excitement with others. Most of your friends know that you could probably talk for hours if allowed, but they don't see this as a negative quality, simply part of your charm. You are a valued friend and companion.

Mercury is paired with the element of air and you have the most fluid relationship with air out of any of the zodiac signs. The stirring qualities of air help to stimulate curiosity and push you on a path towards greater knowledge. Beware that although you may be stimulated mentally, without passion you can easily slip into a state of social distance and aloofness.

The planet Mercury rules the Gemini sign and because you are born on the final day of the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you are doubly influenced by the power of Mercury. Mercury amplifies your mental agility and intellectualism, which explains for your ability to communicate in a clear, concise and witty manner. If your planetary influence had one downfall, it would be your impossibly high standards. Although you may feel that you simply ask for the best out of others and yourself, others may feel that you are being overly critical in certain situations. Take time to curb your perfectionist expectations, as they can become a detrimental force in your life.

Your talents for witty and thoughtful communication entertains others, even if you don't realize the extent. Try and use your abilities to express yourself through different mediums. While you may not become as successful as Walt Whitman, who was also born on May 31st, you may find some enjoyment writing poetry. Whatever your vision, turn it into a reality, much as the works of director and actor Clint Eastwood, who is another of your birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is newly opened lands for pioneers. There may be something new on the horizon for you, which has yet to be explored. This may be a new experience or state of mind, but regardless, it is up to you to step into the future and claim what's yours.

Here are a few Gemini celebrities born on May 31 and their past or present romantic connections:

Colin Farrell (Gemini) and Lindsay Lohan (Cancer)
Brooke Shields (Gemini) and Andre Agassi (Taurus)

May 31 is associated with Birthday Number 9
May 31 is associated with Tarot Card 8 of Swords