September 19 Horoscope

As a Virgo born on September 19th, you are known for the sensitive and reserved way that you engage life. While you watch others fight for the spotlight, you never participate. You are more than content being in the background, as it allows you to go about your business without being bothered. Although you are very socially capable, you prefer to keep your inner thoughts and feelings to yourself. Luckily, family and friends are not subject to the same distance, as you can open yourself fully to those that our close to.

The Virgo's paired element is Earth and out of all 12 zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection to the element. Your connection to Earth is responsible for your pursuit of stability. You desire your life to be just as stable and reliable as the ground you walk on, which can sometimes lead to bouts of stubbornness. As you continue to make realistic goals, your practical nature will help you achieve them. If there was one danger of Earth's influence, it would be an overly cautious and conservative demeanor. Make an effort to avoid this problem, so you wont avoid any worthwhile opportunities.

Your sign's ruling planetary influence comes from Mercury, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, the sign, you receive a generous helping of Venus's influence as well. Mercury's power is mirrored in your sharp mind and communication skills, while it is Venus that can be linked to your sensitivity and appreciation for art/beauty. This unique planetary combination makes you more sensitive and artistically inclined that the other Virgo Decans. You will always be able to find the beauty in all you encounter and similarly, this allows you to easily experience love for art and people. At the same time, your strong emotions can leave you quite vulnerable. It is only natural to care about how others feel about you, but you must put effort into not letting it affect you too heavily.

Your strong intellect and reserve will allow you to be successful along numerous career paths, so your greatest challenge may be narrowing it down to one. Your warmth and sociability would be well served in teaching or the non-profit sector. As you love seeing new environments, you may enjoy a career in business that requires travel. As a behind the scenes worker, you may also enjoy science or research. Your creativity and reserve may be useful in the entertainment world, such was the path of David McCallum, who was also born on September 19th. In whatever you do, attempt to embrace your originality and style, much like Leslie Twiggy Lawson, another of your celebrity birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a group of aristocratic ladies meet ceremonially at a court's function. You are willing and able to preserve your most important social and cultural values. By doing so, you are able to perpetuate the standards of excellence that you hold dear.

Here are a few Virgo celebrities born on September 19 and their past or present romantic connections:

Jimmy Fallon (Virgo) and Winona Ryder (Scorpio)
Sanaa Lathan (Virgo) and Omar Epps (Cancer)

September 19 is associated with Birthday Number 1
September 19 is associated with Tarot Card 10 of Pentacles