Johnny Adair

27, 1963
Northern Ireland
Birth Sign
27, 1963 (age 57)
Northern Ireland


Infamous for his role in a Northern Irish paramilitary terrorist group called the West Belfast Brigade (a rogue unit of the Ulster Defence Association), Adair was a key player in a series of murders that occurred during the Northern Irish "Troubles."

Before Fame

During his teenage years, he led a gang of skinheads and was involved in an escalating series of crimes.


After his C Company paramilitary organization was accused of multiple crimes, he was forced into exile in England, where he began heading a neo-Nazi group.

Family Life

He grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in a family of Ulster Protestants. His marriage to Gina Crossan resulted in four children, and his relationship with Lynne Benson produced one son.

Associated With

He and Nazi Karl Ernst were both involved in paramilitary, criminal activities.