1945 Chinese Zodiac

Those born between February 13, 1945 and February 1, 1946 are members of the Wood Rooster Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before February 13th, please consult the 1944 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Wood Monkey.

The influence of the Wood element makes the Wood Rooster the most creative and imaginative of the Rooster signs. With considerate, reliable and fair qualities, the Wood Rooster works very well in cooperative environments. Highly principled, the Wood Rooster can take great pride in helping others and providing their service to a good cause. The Wood Rooster is also more open-minded than other members of its sign. When communicating, the Wood Rooster is honest and direct, which is a quality some may deem to be blunt or critical. Although they are warm with everyone, the Wood Rooster is especially affectionate with family members and friends.

With gifts of creativity and compassion, the Wood Rooster has a variety of careers to explore. The innovation of the Wood Rooster could be put good use in the business world, especially advertising or writing. Similarly, the Wood Rooster's need for expression could lead to a career in music, fashion or performance. Those born under the Wood Rooster sign have been known to find great success in the music industry. This can be seen in the careers of Pete Townshend and Bob Marley, who were both born under the 1945 Chinese Zodiac.

While not overwhelming, the Wood Rooster will see some personality challenges throughout their life. The trusting and optimistic Wood Rooster can run the risk of being naive and taken advantage of at times. Similarly, those born under the Wood Rooster sign can be overly critical in situation. To combat these problems. the Wood Rooster is encouraged to realize how their opinions can offend others and likewise, be aware when others may be exploiting them.

The organs of the Wood Rooster are the gall bladder and liver. The Wood Rooster should limit their alcohol intake to protect these vital organs