Chinese Zodiac Rooster

Years Associated with The Rooster
1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005

The tenth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Rooster, is characterized by a determined, passionate and diligent personality. Few would claim that the Rooster is soft spoken, as they are quick to speak up about their opinions and needs. At times, this can cause the Rooster to be perceived as bossy or blunt, but it is really just a product of their innate honesty. The Rooster can be a bit stubborn at times, as they trust their own views over the advice of others. Luckily, the Rooster has a genuine interest in the well-being of others, so their brash qualities support a greater good. The Rooster is also known for their pride, which is a quality they gladly share with the world.

Although they might not be the most effective listeners, the talkative Rooster can be quite social. The Rooster enjoys being in a group setting or crowd, where they can display their many talents and skills. In this sense, the Rooster can be a natural host. Those born under the Rooster sign are not freely accepting of everyone however, as they put a great deal of importance on style on hygiene. It is not unusual for the Rooster to be quite judgmental in social settings.

The Rooster can be sensitive, but overall is very loving and faithful with their chosen partners. In this sense, it is important for the Rooster to find a committed relationship with someone who is not over critical. In their home life, the Rooster attempts to create a stylish environment, full of material symbols and accessories. In the same sense, the organized Rooster has to keep their home surroundings neat and orderly, as this would otherwise be a perceived source of judgement. The home of Rooster is often full of guests, as they enjoy having guests and having memorable experiences with loved ones.

Efficient and reliable, the Rooster can use their natural abilities to find success on numerous career paths. The Rooster's gifts for communications can go far in careers in public relations, communications, writing, sales or public speaking. Similarly, the fiscal sense of the Rooster is a good fit for a career in accounting, financial advising and baking. If the Rooster embraces its creative inclinations, they may find success in music, art or performing. In whichever career the Rooster chooses, it is very likely that their determination will allow them to come out on top.

The Rooster's fixed element is the Metal Element. The influence of Metal gives the Rooster remarkable strength and passion. In the face of obstacles, the Metal Element gives the Rooster an unbreakable will. The organs of the Metal element are the respiratory system and the lungs. Although these organs are naturally strong for members of the Rooster sign, an active lifestyle can help the longevity of these vital organs. In this sense, the Rooster is also warned to avoid their tendency to overindulge, especially with unhealthy substances.

The Rooster's natural zodiac pairings are the Ox and the Snake. With similar values and goals in life, the Rooster and Ox can have a committed relationship full of love and respect. In the same sense, it is the mutual practicality that makes the Rooster and Snake a compatible match. A Rooster and Snake couple communicate effectively and have potential for great trust. The Rooster's worst natural pair is the Rabbit. The Rabbit's sensitivity does not pair well with the Rooster, who is often critical and opinionated.