1951 Chinese Zodiac

Those born between February 6, 1951 and January 26, 1952 are members of the Metal Rabbit Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before February 6th, please consult the 1950 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Metal Tiger

With the influence of the Metal Element, the Metal Rabbit becomes the most decisive of the Rabbit types. With firm goals in mind, the Metal Rabbit will use their strength of character and determination to achieve all that they desire. Unlike most members of the Rabbit sign, the Metal Rabbit can use their dynamic personality to become a natural leader and take responsibility in difficult situations. The Metal Rabbit is also known to use their strong intuition and cunning to solve their problems.

With a more success-driven personality, the Metal Rabbit can take to more aggressive careers than other Rabbit types. In this sense, the Metal Rabbit could do well in public relations, campaigning, law or administration. On the other hand, the sensitivity and understanding of the Metal Rabbit could lead to careers in teaching or counseling. The determination of the Metal Rabbit could lead to great achievements, which was the case for the first woman in space, and Metal Rabbit, Sally Ride. The Metal Rabbit has also been known to use their understanding to bring laughter to others, which can be seen in the comedic career of Robin Williams, who was also born in 1951.

The one downfall of the Metal Rabbit may be the tendency to become overwhelmed with worry and other concerns. This natural anxiety can be a great challenge for the Metal Rabbit, but it can be defeated with the security of familiar people and surroundings.

The organs of the Metal Rabbit are the lungs and large intestine. By having a healthy diet and exercise regiment, the Metal Rabbit would do well to strengthen these important organs.