Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

Years Associated with The Rabbit
1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011

The third animal of the Chinese Zodiac, the Rabbit, is characterized by a reserved and diplomatic nature. The Rabbit is against conflict at all costs and subsequently, will often forfeit their own interests in order to keep the peace. In this sense, the Rabbit often becomes the natural mediator and negotiator. While from the outside the Rabbit may appear timid, they are actually quite driven towards success. In times when it is necessary, the quiet and compassionate Rabbit can actually be quite manipulative. The Rabbit has a great appreciation for fashion and aesthetics. This ability allows the Rabbit to have a firm appreciation for the "finer things" in life, especially the arts.

Socially, the Rabbit seeks security in long-lasting, compatible relationships. They are quite comfortable in group settings and will often seek out the opportunity to be involved in social communities. Those that befriend a Rabbit will enjoy a subtle sense of humor and compassion. The Rabbit is also known for exceptional listening and advice giving abilities.

There is little that the Rabbit values over family. The Rabbit is loving and compassionate, which are qualities that that define their home life. As is the case with all matters of their lives, the Rabbit prefers security and comfort in their family lives as well. They prefer calm and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, where they can enjoy leisurely activities with loved ones. Although understanding and loving, the Rabbit can become frustrated with disorganization and clutter.

The Rabbit is known to have good fiscal sense, although they may not define their lives by material success or gain. Instead, the Rabbit may choose to use their strong social skills and compassion to explore a wide variety of people-based careers. As a natural communicator, the Rabbit can easily find success in careers such as counseling, therapy and administration. Similarly, the Rabbit's artistic sense would do well in interior design, fashion or art. If the Rabbit finds an issue worth dedicating themselves to, their drive could lead them into careers in law, politics, or teaching.

The Rabbit's fixed element is the Wood Element. The influence of Wood gives the Rabbit vitality, creativity, imagination and artistic ability. The influence of Wood also makes the gall bladder and the liver the most vital organs for those born under the Rabbit sign. It is important for the Rabbit to avoid stress and overindulgence to protect these important organs.

The natural pair of the Rabbit are the Sheep and the Pig. The Rabbit will have great comfortability in a relationship with a Sheep, because of their shared need for family security and refined tastes. Similarly, it is the shared sensitivity of an understanding between the Rabbit and the Pig that create exceptional relationship potential. The Rabbit is least compatible with the Rooster, as the overly critical Rooster can be too much to handle for the sensitivity of the Rabbit.