1994 Chinese Zodiac

Those born between February 10, 1994 and January 30, 1995 are members of the Wood Dog Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before February 10th, please consult the 1993 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Water Rooster.

Under the influence of the Wood Element, the Wood Dog becomes the most imaginative and creative member of the Dog sign. The Wood Dog enjoys the social setting, where they can develop close intimate relationships. With those they hold dear, the Wood Dog is loyal, agreeable and compassionate. The Wood Dog has clear goals in life, which they attempt to meet with innovation on a daily basis. More so than any of the other Dog signs, the Wood Dog has a fascination and appreciation for the arts.

With gifts of kindness and creativity, there are many potential careers for the Wood Dog to choose from. The quick mind of the Wood Dog could be put to good use in science, research, finance and accounting. Similarly, the Wood Dog's interest in helping others could lead to success in law enforcement or politics. When embracing their musical inclinations, those born in the Wood Dog sign have found notable lyrical success. This can be seen in the careers of Justin Bieber and Harry Styles, who both were born under the 1994 Chinese Zodiac.

The Wood Dog has many positive personality traits, but the sign also has some challenges. The Wood Dog is one of the most insecure of the Dog types. In this sense, the Wood Dog can gain too much self-worth from the opinions of others. In general, the Wood Dog would drastically benefit from more self-confidence and self-reliance. If the Wood Dog gains the confidence to match their natural abilities, they can achieve great things.

The organs of the Wood Dog are the liver and gall bladder. As these organs play a pivotal role in health, the Wood Dog is encouraged to protect these vital organs with daily exercise and healthy.