Chinese Zodiac Dog

Years Associated with The Dog
1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 2018

The eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Dog, is known for a loyal, protecting and fair persona. The Dog is always thinking in terms of a group, whether it be their close friends, family or other companions. It is then no surprise that the Dog excels in group settings, where they can be cooperative team players. Members of the Dog sign are often led by their clearly defined morality. In this sense, they can become determined to counter any injustices that they witness or are victims of. Those born under the Dog sign do have aggressive qualities, especially when their tempers are flared or their loved ones are in need of protection. Luckily, one can usually be sure that the Dog's bite is not as fierce as their bark.

Socially, the Dog may not be the life of the party, but they do well in group settings. The Dog uses their social experiences to develop a firm understanding of people's expectations and in turn, will use these skills to become well-liked and pleasant. The Dog displays compassion and understanding in their friendships, as this insures that everyone they care about is content and happy. The Dog prefers to have a firm understanding of exactly who their friends are. By fully understanding the intentions and motivations of those around them, the Dog can be sure of their true friends.

The Dog has the potential to be extremely loyal and committed in their relationships, which can translate to a stable home-life with the right partner. As long as the Dog receives the same respect that they give, there is little that stop a Dog's long-lasting relationships. The Dog prefers a cooperative home life, where all members of the "pack" are content in activities and decisions. One can be sure that the Dog will always have the interest of their family in mind and that they will be driven by their strong moral compass.

With the gifts of resourcefulness and understanding, the Dog can find success in a long-list of careers. The Dog can use their empathy and compassion to find purpose in social work, counseling, the non-profit sector, caregiving or teaching. Similarly, the principle Dog may find fulfillment in international relations, politics or law enforcement. When embracing a more intellectual focus, the determined Dog may do well in medicine, law or science. In whichever career the Dog chooses, it is certain that they can be counted on for diligence and effort in their work.

The Dog's fixed element is the Earth Element. It is the influence of Earth that contributes to the Dog's realistic and shrewd nature. The resourcefulness and understanding of the Dog can also be traced back to its Earthly influence. The organs of the Earth element are the stomach, spleen and pancreas. In this sense, those born under the Dog zodiac sign are encouraged to protect their vital organs by avoiding poor eating habits and inactive lifestyles. By staying physically active, the Dog can clear their mind of worries and stress.

The Dog's natural zodiac matches are the Tiger and the Horse. With similar values and a shared nonchalant approach to life, the Dog and Tiger compliment on another effectively. A Dog and Tiger couple can be sure to be effective problem solvers with their understanding and communication. The Dog and Horse's compatibility becomes obvious when their optimistic and social natures are concerned. Additionally, the confident and secure Dog is capable of granting the Horse with its much needed freedom. The Dog's worst natural pairing is the Dragon. The Dog and Dragon have little in common, but worst of all, the stubborn nature of both signs make it hard for compromise and understanding.