Chinese Zodiac Monkey

Years Associated with The Monkey
1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016

The ninth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey, is characterized by a clever and creative mind. The Monkey is always interested in learning and new experiences. This curiosity can be seen in the Monkey's varied and, sometimes, impulsive interests. Often detesting routine, the Monkey is not above finding trouble in mischievous actions. Monkeys are naturally quite charming and witty, which contributes to their innate confidence. As the Monkey is one of the most self-interested signs, they may have difficulty understanding others and showing empathy. Although it may be hard to believe, members of the Monkey sign can be sensitive at times, especially when criticized.

Socially, the Monkey is talkative and extroverted. At times, the Monkey can easily be the most talkative member of any group, as they are uncomfortable without some form of conversation. It is not unusual for members of the Monkey sign to have a long list of friends and admirers, who may be from a wide range of backgrounds. The Monkey is always up for an adventure, but they are rarely taken on alone. In this sense, the Monkey may have several circles of friends that vary depending on the situation or outing.

The mischievous Monkey prefers to find a long-lasting relationship that is full of excitement and adventure. When their needs are met, the Monkey will be loyal and persistent in their commitment to their loved ones. The home and family life of the Monkey needs to possess a certain level of excitement as well. The Monkey will rarely plant its roots in rural settings, preferring the fast-paced city life. The Monkey's home setting is of less concern than with other signs, as they give the most value to the enjoyable company of family and friends.

The quick mind of the Monkey can translate to success a variety of career paths. When paired with an interest in material wealth, the Monkey's wit could be a great fit for the competitive fields of communications, business, sales, or law. In the same sense, the practical understanding of the Monkey could lead to a career in fiance, banking, teaching or science. The Monkey is a natural performer and subsequently, could also do well in acting, writing, or advertising. In whichever career the Monkey pursues, their ability to learn on their feet will play a large part in their success.

The Monkey's fixed element is the Metal Element. Unbending and strong, the Metal Element contributes to the Monkey's vitality and determination. Additionally, it is Metal's influence that allows the Monkey to always push towards activities and goals with positivity. The organs of the Metal element are the lungs and respiratory system. It is important for those born under the Monkey sign to strengthen these important organs with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity also helps the Monkey ease some of their nervous and anxious qualities.

The Monkey's natural matches are the Rat and the Dragon. With attraction, understanding and a shared need for excitement, the Monkey and the Rat make an interesting and adventurous couple. In the same sense, the Monkey and the Dragon's respect and adoration for one another can translate into long-lasting happiness. The Monkey's worst natural pair is the Tiger, as the two are both highly competitive and stubborn. It can be very difficult for the Monkey and the Tiger to see eye to eye.