August 8 Horoscope

Being a Leo born on August 8th, your witty humor and undying optimism are amongst the strongest parts of your personality. Your friends and family are no stranger to your antics as you take any chance to take the spotlight and entertain. While this alone makes you lovable, your positive outlook on life is perhaps even more cherished by those close to you. Those closest to you are often inspired by the way that you can take the best from a seemingly bad situation.

Your paired element is fire and as a Leo, you have a cardinal relationship with the element. Fire's influence is obvious in your personality, as you take on tasks with great vigor and passion. Even when great challenges are met, your flame never falters, it instead seems to burn stronger as you push towards your goals with determination. Embracing the positive qualities of fire can become one of your greatest strengths. Be aware of fire's negative influence, as too much unbridled enthusiasm can leave you impatient and impulsive.

The Leo's planetary ruler is the sun, but because you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you also receive the planetary influence of Jupiter. It is safe to say that your creativity, individualism and vitality are a product of the Sun's influence, but it is your optimism and idealism that can be traced back to Jupiter. You always walk into situations thinking the best and likewise, always look to find the best out of new people and environments. You always take care to learn from your experiences and in turn, greatly appreciate the cultural lessons that come with traveling. You are by far the most knowledge driven and optimistic of all the Leo Decans. You will be surprised as to how much luck with come your way because of your optimism, so take care not to lose it.

While picking a career path is always difficult, your social personality and creativity will allow for success in many career paths. You may require a field with a lot of change of scenery and pace, so a business position with travel may be perfect for you. If you are artistically inclined, a career in music may fit you as well. Look to the creative guitar playing of Dave The Edge Evans or the lyrics of Mel Tillis, who were both born on August 8th, for encouragement.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a volunteer church choir singing religious hymns. Regardless of your religious affiliations, there is a strong spirituality that arises within a group setting. If the opportunity arises, share in the togetherness of a collective ideal to feel the positive effects of unity.

Here are a few Leo celebrities born on August 8 and their past or present romantic connections:

Dustin Hoffman (Leo) and Lisa Hoffman (Virgo)
Roger Federer (Leo) and Miroslava Vavrinec (Aries)

August 8 is associated with Birthday Number 7
August 8 is associated with Tarot Card 6 of Wands