July 3 Horoscope

Being a Cancer born on July 3rd, you are most comfortable in the realm of emotions. While others struggle to understand the feelings of others, you've always been able to sense the thoughts and emotions of others. Slightly private in nature, you are comfortable with your feelings but unlikely to be open. Your mysterious nature is so prominent, that there are times when even close family members struggle to understand you.

Water is your paired element, and as a Cancer you have the most fundamental relationship with water. While many people are unfamiliar with their feelings, you ride waves of emotion with familiarity. It's your understanding that creates your large capacity for sympathy and compassion. You will continue to grow emotionally as you embrace the positive qualities of water. However, be aware of becoming "lost at sea," as it will lead to moodiness and oversensitivity.

The Moon is the planetary ruler of your sign, but because you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also met with the influence of Pluto. The moon ties into your intuitive, almost psychic like, mastering of emotions, while Pluto fuels your inclination towards power and mystery. It is this combination that creates your unique personality, but it also creates a confusing struggle between your mind and your heart. Your happiness lies in a secure, loving relationship, where respect and loyalty are in abundance. Avoid your jealous tendencies to insure long-lasting relationships.

Your reserved, yet intuitive, personality provide you with a wealth of career paths to choose from. You may find satisfaction in a position of power, such as management or administration. The entertainment sector may also interest you, as your creative side could flourish. Look to the successes of Tom Cruise and Montel Williams, who were both born on July 3rd, for encouragement.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a hand with a prominent thumb on display. You have a clear certainty of will that creates inner strength. Although it is sometimes unbending, it is this strength that creates your character. Don't underestimate the power of your will in shaping who you are/will become.

Here are a few Cancer celebrities born on July 3 and their past or present romantic connections:

Tom Cruise (Cancer) and Katie Holmes (Sagittarius)
Elizabeth Edwards (Cancer) and John Edwards (Gemini)

July 3 is associated with Birthday Number 1
July 3 is associated with Tarot Card 3 of Cups