June 10 Horoscope

As a Gemini you are energized by the world around you. Your interests are varied and you often find yourself gathering tidbits of information on random subjects that fascinate you. Your mental quickness allows you to turn the workings of your mind into insightful observations with ease. While others are amazed at this ability, you just find it to be natural. Your charm and warm personality make you a highly sought after friend.

Air is your element and as a Gemini, you have the most fluid pairing with air out of any of the zodiac signs. Air causes the winds of curiosity to constantly stir inside you. Once you take to this curiosity, your pursuit of knowledge blows with force and purpose. Embracing the fluid qualities of air will foster a sense of fulfillment within you. Be warned, taking to the more stagnant qualities of still air, you run the risk of becoming aloof and emotionally distant.

Mercury is your dominant planet, but because you were born on the last day of the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also influenced by the planet Venus. If it is Mercury that is responsible for your quick whit and pursuit of knowledge, it is Venus that is responsible for your extreme sociability. Venus influences a need for social harmony, which makes you a caring and attentive friend. A strong influence of Venus makes you feel nearly incomplete without a close circle of friends, which is not a problem as long as these companions were chosen wisely.

Your warm and likable demeanor has been seen in several prominent entertainers born on June 10th, such as Judy Garland and Hattie McDaniel. While acting may not be your interest, you may enjoy some type of artistic expression as a hobby. For a career, you will be happiest in a setting where your social abilities flourish, such as customer service, education, sales or business. If you find a cause worth supporting, you may do well in the political arena, on the community level or beyond.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a tumultuous labor demonstration. In this symbol, the revolutionary outburst is directly related to your emotions. You may be chasing desires that are not your own, but instead the goals that society has created for you. Don't let your emotional needs fall to the wayside and spend time to reflect upon them.

Here are a few Gemini celebrities born on June 10 and their past or present romantic connections:

Elizabeth Hurley (Gemini) and Hugh Grant (Virgo)
Shane West (Gemini) and Maggie Q. (Gemini)

June 10 is associated with Birthday Number 7
June 10 is associated with Tarot Card 9 of Swords