November 2 Horoscope

Being a Scorpio born on November 2nd, your personality is defined by your shyness, artistic aptitude and determination. While others gravitate to the limelight, you are much more comfortable working in the background. Similarly, you take the same reserve in your personal relationships, choosing not to expose too much over yourself even in your closest relationships. You may have talents in music, art, writing or another creative outlet, although you may choose to keep these talents hidden. This tendency only adds to your mystery.

Water is your sign's paired element and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection with the element. Similar to a strong river, you are determined and possibly stubborn. It is water's influence that puts you at ease in the realm of emotions, as you can explore the deep, unpredictable seas of emotion with ease. As you continue to embrace the positive qualities of water, you will increase your compassion and emotional understanding. Be careful to avoid the moodiness that sometimes accompanies your elemental influence.

Pluto is the planetary ruler of your sign, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you receive the unique planetary influence from Neptune as well. While Pluto is the planet of power and transformation, Neptune is the planet of sensitivity, vision and compassion. It is no wonder that your unique combination of planetary influence makes you more reserved and artistically capable than other Scorpio Decans, yet just as determined. You value your loving relationships and are capable of being both nurturing and compassionate with ones you love, although you may not be able to accept the same in return. Very sensitive, you can allow others to hurt you emotionally. In these times, look to your family and friends who are more than willing to show support when given the chance. If you have a passion for art, do not let your shyness and vulnerability prevent you from developing your talents.

Your unique combination of abilities create a variety of career paths for you to select from. You may fare well in careers such as business, sales or law because of your strong will. Similarly, your compassion may lead you to a career in education or public service. Highly artistic, you may value a more creative career such as art or music, which was the path of Nelly, who was also born on November 2nd. If the world of entertainment is alluring, look to the success of David Schwimmer, another of your celebrity birthday twins, for motivation.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a drowning man being rescued. You may have recently realized your humanitarian aspirations. There is great satisfaction in helping others and you should embrace your concerns for humanity. People will open your warmth and character with open arms if you give them the chance.

Here are a few Scorpio celebrities born on November 2 and their past or present romantic connections:

David Schwimmer (Scorpio) and Zoe Buckman (Virgo)
Nelly (Scorpio) and Ashanti (Libra)

November 2 is associated with Birthday Number 4
November 2 is associated with Tarot Card 6 of Cups