October 24 Horoscope

As a Scorpio born on October 24th, you are known for being calm, passionate and ambitious. Although you remain cool, calm and collected on the outside, your inner world is defined by great passion and ambition. You want success in life and more importantly, you are willing to do the work to achieve your goals. When you are confronted with a challenge, you have the power to meet the task, no matter how much effort it requires. Your friends and family are often inspired by your drive for success.

Your sign's paired element is water and in fact, you are the only zodiac sign with a fixed relationship with the element. Your connection to water can be as stubborn as choppy seas, but it also allows you to explore the deep oceans of emotions with great understanding. Your battle with the influences of water will be on-going through life, as you may find yourself submerged in dark moods. Embracing the more compassionate and spiritual qualities of water will be play a key role in your personal growth.

Your sign's planetary ruler is Pluto, but as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, Pluto's influence is twice as strong. Pluto is the planet of transformation, which explains for your drive for power and renewal. You are rarely content with your current position, always wanting to reach the highest pinnacle in all that you do. Your drive will always help you reach your goals, but be careful. Your ambition can quickly evolve into an abuse of power. Focus on maintaining healthy personal relationships, and resist the urge to manipulate others for your own advantage.

Your ambition will allow you to be successful in almost any career you choose, although selecting a career path is always easier said than done. Your understanding of human emotions can be used to your advantage in the world of business, public relations and sales. Similarly, your may be drawn to the world of entertainment or art. If you are more musically inclined, you may find satisfaction with lyrical expression, which was the case with Aubrey Drake Graham and Monica, who were both born on October 24th.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a delicate bottle of perfume, lying broken with its fragrance released. It is sometimes a challenge to break away from the past, but you may soon encounter a moment that frees you from backward thinking. Cherish important moments and lessons in your life, but do not let them hinder your focus on the future.

Here are a few Scorpio celebrities born on October 24 and their past or present romantic connections:

Adrienne Bailon (Scorpio) and Robert Kardashian Jr (Pisces)
Aubrey Drake Graham (Scorpio) and Rihanna (Pisces)

October 24 is associated with Birthday Number 7
October 24 is associated with Tarot Card 5 of Cups