September 24 Horoscope

Being a Libra born on September 24th, you are recognized for your sociability, diplomacy and style. You thrive in group settings, as you always seem to know what to say or do to bring harmony to the group. Your warm and caring personality is met with style that your peers and friends admire. Your aptitude for personal style also carries over to your environment, as you put great effort into creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Air is your element and in fact, you are the only zodiac sign with a cardinal connection with the element. Air's influence often pushes you toward knowledge and mental stimulation, which explains why curiosity often stirs in you like a strong wind. As you continue to ride the winds of air's influence, you will keep moving towards your intellectual and social goals. Beware of the negative qualities of stagnant air, which include an aloof and unemotional state.

The Libra's planetary ruler is Venus, and because you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you actually receive a double dose of Venus's mysterious power. Being the planet of harmony, Venus links to your sensitivity, appreciation of beauty and pursuit of harmony. In all your relationships, you strive for harmony and will put great effort into avoiding arguments or disagreements. This is not to say you wont go about getting your way by more peaceful means. Your planetary influence is most apparent in intimate relationships, where you use your imagination to discover new, inventive ways of expressing your love. Continue to fuel or develop romantic relationships, as they give you the greatest sense of fulfillment.

Gifted with both social and intellectual gifts, there are a wide range of rewarding careers for you to choose from. Your natural diplomacy would be well-suited for politics or fund-raising. Similarly, if you find an issue you support, you may enjoy a career in the non-profit sector or law. Your need for creativity may lead you to a more expressive careers, such as entertainment. If this is the case, look to the creative and comedic minds of Phil Hartman and Jim Henson, who both share 24th birthday, for encouragement.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is the fruit of past experiences becoming seed-realizations of the creative spirit. You may have had, or may soon have, an experience that dramatically alters your consciousness. With growth, you will develop a more creative and spiritual self. If you have recently experienced a failure or set back, this symbol can relate to a renewal of encouragement.

Here are a few Libra celebrities born on September 24 and their past or present romantic connections:

Jim Henson (Libra) and Jane Henson (Gemini)
Stephanie McMahon (Libra) and Triple H (Leo)

September 24 is associated with Birthday Number 6
September 24 is associated with Tarot Card 2 of Wands