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Alex Hirschi

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21, 1985
Brisbane, Australia
Birth Sign
Brisbane, Australia


Also known as Supercar Blondie, she is a social media personality and car vlogger popular for her supercar and luxury lifestyle content. Her videos have gone viral across her social media platforms, and she has been contacted by the world's most luxurious car brands to test and review their products.

Before Fame

She was a journalist for five years before moving to Dubai with her husband; she worked her first job there as a presenter for a radio drive show.


She has gone viral with several Facebook videos, including her "Ferrari in a Bubble" video, which has surpassed over 20 million views. 

Family Life

She was born in Brisbane, Australia. In 2008, she moved to Dubai.

Associated With

She has conducted a variety of interviews with A-listers such as John TravoltaJake Gyllenhaal and Liam Neeson.