August 19 Horoscope

As a Leo born on August 19th, you are well-known for being ambitious, honest and active. While those around you seem content with their current status, you are always looking to reach the next level. As a goal-oriented individual, you rarely recall a situation where you accepted failure. You inspire others with your ambition and vigor. If your friends and family had one complaint, it would probably be your straightforward nature, which makes you painfully honest at times. While others call this being blunt, you would appreciate if others talked to you the same way.

Fire is your paired element, and as a Leo, you have the most fundamental relationship with fire of all the zodiac signs. Fire's influence burns within you, usually materializing in the passionate way you deal with life. If there is a cause or challenge that sparks your interest, your flame does not falter as you push to conquer it. Fire's influence can become one of your greatest assets in life, but be careful to avoid the impatience and impulsiveness that are amongst its negative qualities.

The Sun is your sign's planetary ruler, but because you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you also receive some influence from Mars. If the Sun could be considered responsible for your creativity and willpower, it would be Mars that is responsible for your assertiveness and dynamism. You are the most highly motivated of all the Leo Decans, which explains why you are among the most well geared towards success. Seeing as blind ambition can lead to an aggressive nature, make sure to meet your goals with positivity and focus. As long as you give yourself time to enjoy the less serious side of life as well, you will remain on a path towards success.

While picking a career is difficult for everyone, you may have an especially hard time choosing a path. Your determination would be well-suited for business, advertising or law. In the same sense, your abilities as a natural leader may lead to a successful pairing with a career in politics, which was the path of Bill Clinton, who was also born on August 19th. Your creativity may allow you to have the next great idea, similarly to Orville Wright, another of your birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is many little birds on the limb of a big tree. You may soon be finding many potential opportunities in your path. While this is an obvious sign of good fortune, it can also be quite confusing. It's understandable to be overwhelmed with new possibilities, but you have the inner-strength to make the best decision.

Here are a few Leo celebrities born on August 19 and their past or present romantic connections:

Bill Clinton (Leo) and Hillary Clinton (Scorpio)
Kyra Sedgwick (Leo) and Kevin Bacon (Cancer)

August 19 is associated with Birthday Number 9
August 19 is associated with Tarot Card 7 of Wands