December 27 Horoscope

As a Capricorn born on December 27th, your strong determination is as notable as your patience. While others get lost in procrastination, you are active and tireless in your pursuits. As long as you see the value in a challenge, you will always put in the work to be successful. Your family and friends admire your determined qualities, but they may have even more appreciation for your patience. You always seem to keep a calm head, even in the most frantic or frustrating situations.

Earth is the elemental pair of your sign, and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only cardinal connection to the element. Earth's influence explains for your grounded and practical nature. You take little interest in theoretical daydreaming, as you only find value in realistic pursuits. While all Earth sign's share in the prudence, your unique connection to the element makes you more active and self-starting. Embrace the positive qualities of Earth, as they can become your greatest strengths. Take care to avoid Earth's negative qualities however, which include an overly cautious and conservative nature.

Your sign's planetary ruler is Saturn and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you actually receive a double helping of Saturn's influence. Being the planet of control, Saturn's influence is seen in your determined, organized and disciplined nature. More so than any of the Capricorn Decans, your perseverance puts you on the path to success. In love, you display the same determination and are truly devoted to the security of those you hold dear. You may have a tendency to spoil your loved ones, but you may find it more difficult to express loving affection. Find balance between your material pursuits and emotional needs to avoid the depressed moods.

Finding the perfect career is a daunting challenge, but your natural abilities give you the opportunity for success in a variety of career paths. Hardworking and patient, you may be well-suited for education, counseling or scientific research, much like Louis Pasteur, who was also born on December 27th. Similarly, you may take your determination to the worlds of business or politics. If the world of entertainment is too appealing to resist, you may find satisfaction in television or media, which was the path of John Amos, another of your celebrity birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is ten logs lying under an archway that leads to darker woods. Much like this symbolic archway, you may be on the threshold of the unknown. However, before you can undertake the mysteries of beyond, your current matters must be undertaken to completion.

Here are a few Capricorn celebrities born on December 27 and their past or present romantic connections:

Emilie De Ravin (Capricorn) and Jeremy Davies (Libra)
Ian Gomez (Capricorn) and Nia Vardalos (Libra)

December 27 is associated with Birthday Number 3
December 27 is associated with Tarot Card 2 of Pentacles