June 13 Horoscope

As a Gemini born on June 13th, your greatest talents lie in the social realm. You are both excited and interested in the outside world, feeling most alive when you can interact with others. While others describe whit as a skill, you have only experienced it as a natural occurrence. You impress and influence others with your innate ability to share thoughtful insight in the moment.

The Gemini sign is paired with the element of air; a relationship that is the most fluid out of any of the 12 zodiac signs. There are select times when the stagnant qualities of air make you feel uninspired or unemotional, but for the most part the active qualities of air are deeply intertwined with your personality. As if motivated by a breeze, curiosity always seems stimulated within. While it doesn't take much to spark you interest, you pursue information with great purpose.

You are born in the third Decan, or part, of the Gemini sign, which means you inherit the planetary influences of both Mercury and Uranus. The power of Mercury lies in mental agility, which is complemented well with Uranus's influence on deviation and originality. Your active and unique mind allow you to think in extraordinary ways. This relationship is also key to the positive and optimistic way that you deal with the world. This positive nature may lead you to try to pursue too many interests at one time. Remember that too much mental freedom can actually become counterproductive.

Your varied interests make finding a career path difficult, but not impossible. Use your gifts of charm and influence in a leadership role, such as management, business or public relations. You may be well suited to entertain others, which was the case with Tim Allen, also born on June 13th. Fashion may also be your calling, which was included in the pursuits of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, two more of your birthday twins. If you find a cause to support, you may do well in politics or social reform.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is children skating over a frozen village pond. Even when it is freezing outside, man has historically found a way to create an enjoyable, leisurely activity. You also have this ability. When times are particularly harsh, you find a way to make the best out of situations.

Here are a few Gemini celebrities born on June 13 and their past or present romantic connections:

Ally Sheedy (Gemini) and Eric Stoltz (Libra)
Jamie Walters (Gemini) and Drew Barrymore (Pisces)

June 13 is associated with Birthday Number 1
June 13 is associated with Tarot Card 10 of Swords