June 24 Horoscope

Being a Cancer born on June 24th, emotions are often at the forefront of your existence. You are aware of your exact emotions in most situations and are equally aware of the feelings of those around you. Whether the motivation is sensitivity, compassion or a combination of both, you often find yourself tending to the emotional needs of those around you at any cost. These qualities make you a valued friend and companion.

Your paired element is water and as a Cancer, you actually have the most fundamental relationship with water of all the zodiac signs. Emotions often run deep like currents, but there times when they appear on the surface, coming in strong waves. You ride waves of emotion with purpose, looking to conquer them through understanding. You take great care to nurture those who need consoling, not stopping until their waves have calmed.

The Moon is the ruling planet of the Cancer sign and because you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you are doubly influenced by the moon's mystery. The moon influences emotion and feeling, which explains for your sensitive nature. As you take time to sharpen your intuition, your emotional awareness may become a nearly psychic power. Love and closeness are key to your happiness, so take time to establish these feelings with worthy individuals around you. Take care to maintain some objectivity, as an overly emotional state can be detrimental to success in some situations.

Your strong tie with emotions makes finding a career where you interact with others an important priority. You may find happiness as a councilor or advisor, but a creative outlet could be just as fulfilling. If music is your passion, look to the pioneering work of Mick Fleetwood, who was also born on June 24th, for inspiration. It may be possible to turn your need to make others happy into an entrepreneurial opportunity, which was the path of Roy Oliver Disney, another of your birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a cat arguing with a mouse. You often find yourself in an inner debate about your natural desires. It is not unusual to attempt to rationalize actions or tendencies that you know to be negative. Instead of find further discomfort in these rationalizations, take the time to understand the experience.

Here are a few Cancer celebrities born on June 24 and their past or present romantic connections:

Nancy Allen (Cancer) and Brian DePalma (Virgo)
Mick Fleetwood (Cancer) and Stevie Nicks (Gemini)

June 24 is associated with Birthday Number 3
June 24 is associated with Tarot Card 2 of Cups