May 28 Horoscope

As a Gemini born on May 28th, you enjoy and take pride in your ability to effectively communicate. There are rarely times when you can't quickly spin private ideas into concepts for those around you to understand. Interacting with the world around you excites you on a daily basis and people seem to gravitate to these qualities.

Mercury is paired with the element air, so it is the qualities of air that subtly guide you throughout life. Much like force of a light wind, you often notice curiosity blowing through your consciousness. As you ask more questions, you can become more focused and achieve new levels of knowledge. When you embrace these qualities, each day is an opportunity for growth, but when you do not, you run the risk of becoming disengaged.

The Gemini sign is ruled by the planet Mercury and because your birthday is within the first Decan, or part, of the Gemini sign you actually have a double dose of Mercury's influence. Being the planet of mentality, your gifts for communication are enhanced by the ability to look at things in a rational and thoughtful way. In addition to fueling your intelligence, your planetary power gives you a great sense of humor. Whether or not your realize it, those around you greatly appreciate your special brand of thoughtful humor. If your planetary influence had one downfall, it would be your perfectionist qualities. You may find yourself frustrated when you, or those around you, do not perform to the best of their abilities. While this is understandable, you must have more realistic expectations.

It is never too late or early in life to explore a new avenue of expression. With your talent for communication, you may be well suited to discuss important issues on a political level, much like Rudolph Giuliani who was also born on May 28th. If you have less defined interests, you can still find a suitable platform for thoughtful banter, which was the bath of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, another of your birthday twins. If you are more drawn to traditional pursuits, your quick mind may take you into higher education, lecturing, or law. Similarly, you may do well in the competitive fields of business, advertising or public relations.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is striking workers around a factory. Deep within yourself you may be against some aspects of society, which is undoubtedly shared by others. While your protest may not be in the form of physical action, it is still raging in your mind.

Here are a few Gemini celebrities born on May 28 and their past or present romantic connections:

Kylie Minogue (Gemini) and Lenny Kravitz (Gemini)
Carey Mulligan (Gemini) and Shia Labeaouf (Gemini)

May 28 is associated with Birthday Number 6
May 28 is associated with Tarot Card 8 of Swords