May 6 Horoscope

As a Taurus born on May 6th, you are defined by your tact and charm. At times, you may feel like a natural diplomatic, which is a good assessment, as you are always aware of the feelings and needs of others. Your social understanding is paired nicely with your special brand of charm. Although you prefer to keep your circle of friends relatively small, you would be surprised to know how many people are drawn to your whit and sense of humor.

Your sign's elemental pair is Earth and of all the zodiac signs, only the Taurus has a fixed relationship with Earth. While others keep their heads in the clouds, your connection with Earth keeps you grounded and realistic. More so, it is your special elemental power that makes your personality as stable and powerful as an immovable boulder. Embracing your earthly prudence will play a key role in your future successes, but you should make an effort to not become overly conservative. While there is nothing wrong with being cautious, in doing so you run the risk of missing out on valuable and exciting experiences.

The Taurus's planetary ruler is Venus, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, Mercury lends you its mysterious power as well. While it is Venus, the planet of harmony, that drives your warmth and sociability, it is the influence of Mercury that powers your quick mind and clever communication. Your unique planetary influence combines to make you the most practical of all the Taurus Decans. You value hard work, but only if you believe the task to be practical and worthwhile. In love, you display the same dedication. Once you have determined a partner to be worthwhile, you are open, honest and faithful to them. Find a partner that shares in your value of honesty and loyalty to avoid being taken advantage of or hurt.

Finding the perfect career is one of life's most daunting challenges, but luckily, you have a drive that can lead to success in numerous fields. By embracing your practical and material desires, you could do well in business, sales, real estate, promotion or commerce. In contrast, your intellectual pursuits could lead you to a life of higher education, philosophy or science, much like Sigmund Freud, who was also born on May 6th. Your natural charm may appeal to audiences on stage or on the screen. If you are drawn to the world of entertainment, gain inspiration from the varied work of George Clooney, another of your celebrity birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is an old teacher who fails to interest his pupils in traditional knowledge. When attempting to solve a problem, there are times when past experiences are inadequate. In this sense, this symbol connects to the possible appearance of creative frustration in your life. Remember that all frustrations can be overcome with perseverance.

Here are a few Taurus celebrities born on May 6 and their past or present romantic connections:

George Clooney (Taurus) and Stacy Keibler (Libra)
Orson Welles (Taurus) and Marilyn Monroe (Gemini)

May 6 is associated with Birthday Number 11
May 6 is associated with Tarot Card 6 of Pentacles