November 6 Horoscope

Being a Scorpio born on November 6th, you are characterized by a shy and artistic demeanor. You are naturally sensitive and have grown to value artistic expression. You may enjoy music, art or writing, although you rarely expose these talents. You work hard to accomplish your goals, showing great determination in your efforts, but this also may be less-evident to others, as you rather complete your work out of the limelight. You use your reserve to distance yourself from others, which explains why your family and friends are still surprised to learn new things about you. These qualities only add to your mystery!

Water is your paired element and of all the zodiac signs, you are the only one to have fixed relationship with the element. It is your connection that makes you as determined, and sometimes stubborn, as a flowing river or current. In fact, you often find yourself exploring the waters of emotion. While others are uncomfortable with their feelings, you gain great understanding from your experiences. Embracing the positive qualities of water will help your compassion to grow, but avoid the moodiness that accompanies becoming too submerged into the world of emotions.

Pluto is your sign's planetary ruler, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you receive the planetary power of Neptune as well. Being the planet of transformation, Pluto's influence is linked to your desire for power and constant growth. Neptune's power is more connected to sensitivity and explains for your compassion and vision. Your unique planetary influence makes you far more sensitive and artistically inclined than the other Scorpio Decans. In relationships, you are eager to nurture and support those you care about, although you are far less likely to receive the same emotional help. Embrace your sensitivity and vision, as it will help you develop your artistic abilities. You will always fear being emotionally vulnerable, but open up to your loved ones, as this will strengthen your personal relationships.

Determined, creative and compassionate, your natural skills will translate into opportunities for success in several careers. Your creativity and determination may fit well in the fields of business, advertising or public relations. Your compassion may lead you to a career in education, counseling or public service. Your avid interest in the arts may lead you to pursue work in the entertainment world, which was the path of Emma Stone, who was also born on November 6th. If music is your passion, look to the work of Gleen Frey, another of your celebrity birthday twins, for inspiration.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is children playing around five mounds of sound. Humans can be considered five-fold beings, with the last relating to creativity. You may be in the early steps of developing your mind to a higher level of thinking. Realize that you are on the cusp of great realization and embrace your future-oriented growth.

Here are a few Scorpio celebrities born on November 6 and their past or present romantic connections:

Ethan Hawke (Scorpio) and Uma Thurman (Taurus)
emma Stone (Scorpio) and Andrew Garfield (Leo)

November 6 is associated with Birthday Number 8
November 6 is associated with Tarot Card 6 of Cups