Braden Baker

Most Popular
14, 2006
Birth Sign
14, 2006 (age 16)


Hearing impaired activist who is known for having been featured on several shows and websites discussing his fundraising and activism work. He strives to raise money for children who can't afford hearing aides and to bring awareness to the hard of hearing community. 

Before Fame

When he was ten, his dog ate one of his hearing aides, leaving him in silence. After talking with his mom about gratitude and how other children cannot afford hearing aides either, he was inspired to take action and attempt to solve the problem. By starting a Go Fund Me page, he has continuously raised money for the community and brought awareness to an otherwise marginalized issue. 


He holds several special talents that he demonstrates on YouTube including Rubik's Cubes, origami, and wakeboarding. He is also known for having flown to the hearing aids foundation in New Jersey to present a 15,000 dollar check for sending hearing aid supplies to Hurricane Harvey victims. 

Family Life

He was born and raised in Texas. His mom Ashley has continuously supported his missions in activism and philanthropy. 

Associated With

He was featured on an episode of Ellen DeGeneres where he discussed his fundraising campaign for the hearing impaired.