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Candy Godiva

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18, 1972
Oak Ridge, TN
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Oak Ridge, TN


Mukbang YouTuber known for feasting on everything from fast food to takeout on her popular channel Hungry Fatchick. The channel has accrued more than 220,000 subscribers since her internet debut. She cares pictures and videos of her own recipes to her hungry_fatchick Instagram account.

Before Fame

In December 2010, she opened her YouTube channel with the debut video "Hungry Fatchick Visits A Sonic Drive-In." 


One of her more popular YouTube videos is the May 2017 video titled "Jack in the Box Buttery Jack Mukbang (Eating Show)." 

Family Life

Born in Tennessee, she was raised in South Louisiana by her grandparents. She later lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Associated With

Her fellow mukbang star Nikocado Avocado joined her in the May 2017 video titled "Indian Food | Butter Chicken with Nikocado Avocado Mukbang."