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Most Popular
2, 1988
Frankfurt, Germany
Birth Sign
2, 1988 (age 32)
Frankfurt, Germany


Notable for her Let's Plays, she is a YouTube gamer who favors Nintendo games. Her more than 40,000 subscribers have enjoyed her Let's Plays from Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Mario Sunshine, Katamari Damacy, Super Mario Galaxy, Majora's Mask and Silent Hill 2.

Before Fame

The Nintendo GameCube was her favorite console while growing up. She created her donnabellez channel in November of 2009, and began uploading her first Let's Play of Super Mario Galaxy in May of 2010.


She became a partner of The Game Station.

Family Life

She is from Dallas, Texas.

Associated With

She did a co-op Let's Play with Tyler Sederwall, AKA AttackingTucans, for the game Super Mario Galaxy. Tyler also provided commentary on Donna's Majora's Mask Let's Play.