June 18 Horoscope

As a Gemini born on June 18th, you are externally focused and find the most excitement in interacting with the outside world. You take on all chances to learn about things that interests you and as a result, you are truly eclectic. One of your most easily recognized skills comes within the realm of communication, where witty comments and knowledgeable insight are commonplace. These qualities create a charm that many find hard to resist.

The Gemini's paired element is air and your relationship with air is actually more fluid than that of any of the 12 zodiac signs. The influence of air is responsible for the constant winds of curiosity and knowledge seeking that stir in your mind. When you ride these winds, you take on the personality of a student, always eager and willing to learn. Stay guarded against the qualities of stagnant air, which cause feelings of social distance and aloofness.

While Mercury is the clear ruler of your sign, because you are born in the third Decan, or part, of the Gemini, you also receive the influence of Uranus. Uranus's powers focus on deviation from the norm and a mission towards genuine originality. Your pursuits of unique interests is paired nicely with Mercury's influence of mental agility. These two planets help create your optimistic and original outlook. Your intellectual freedom is certainly one of your strengths, but it can become detrimental if you spread your attention too thin.

Finding a career path may be one of your greatest challenges, because of your varied interests. Creativity and communication are your greatest assets and you should find a career where these skills are valued. Your charm makes people respect and follow you; you could use this to be successful in management, business, public relations or administration. Whatever field interests you, make sure to keep your original perspective. Look to the pioneering musical styles of Paul McCartney an Blake Shelton, who were also born on June 18th, for inspiration.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is the first mockingbird of spring singing from the top of a tree. The coming of spring signifies a new cycle of life and you too are approaching a new cycle. You can only take advantage of a new cycle if you take the time to realize its beauty.

Here are a few Gemini celebrities born on June 18 and their past or present romantic connections:

Blake Shelton (Gemini) and Miranda Lambert (Scorpio)
Carol Kane (Gemini) and Woody Harrelson (Leo)

June 18 is associated with Birthday Number 6
June 18 is associated with Tarot Card 10 of Swords