March 12 Horoscope

Being a Pisces born on March 12th, your personality is characterize by passion and experimentation. In all matters of life, you bring a notable intensity. If you feel something is worthwhile, there is nothing that can stop your pursuits. You apply the same passion to your family, as you would gladly devote your time and energy to their well-being. While many people fear change, you love the prospect of trying something new. You are willing to try anything once.

Your sign's paired element is water and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only mutable connection with the element. It's your special elemental connection that allows your words to take on the adaptable and fluid qualities of free-flowing water. In addition to making you a great communicator, your relationship with water also makes you comfortable in the depths of emotion. In times when you experience powerful waves of emotion, you gain understanding compassion. Water's positive qualities will be a great assets, as long as you avoid water's negative, overly emotional qualities.

The Pisces is under the planetary rule of Neptune, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you receive the power of Pluto as well. While Neptune's power is reflected in your sensitivity, compassion and vision, it is Pluto's mysterious power that influences your power and transformation. More so than the other Pisces Decans, your combination of planetary powers makes you spiritual. In the depths of your thinking, you often ponder the meaning of life. As you are constantly trying to find yourself, your outward self takes many form. Your adaptable, social chameleon qualities makes you a bit of an enigma, but it has also earned you many friends and admirers.

Devoted and compassionate, your natural abilities will create several career opportunities for you to explore, although choosing one may be easier said than done. Your passion and gifts for communication could make you a natural leader in business or politics. Your sensitivity and emotional depth could be a great fit for a career in artistic or musical expression, much like James taylor, who was also born on March 12th. If the entertainment world is alluring, you may a great fit for media, television or acting, which was the path of Liza Minnelli, another of your celebrity birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a prophet bringing down the new law from mount sinai. This symbol is a representation of values and standards. Additionally, you may be approaching a time in your life where you are experiencing a new order. If you agree with values presented to you, remember that you have the determination to hold yourself to truly high standards.

Here are a few Pisces celebrities born on March 12 and their past or present romantic connections:

Liza Minnelli (Pisces) and Scott Baio (Virgo)
Emile Hirsch (Pisces) and Amanda Seyfried (Sagittarius)

March 12 is associated with Birthday Number 5
March 12 is associated with Tarot Card 10 of Cups