September 2 Horoscope

Being a Virgo born on September 2nd, your personality is dominated by a strong will, tactfulness and great organization skills. When confronted with a task or challenge, you have the discipline to work tirelessly until the job is done. You have the ability to direct others with the same focus, which makes you a natural leader in chaotic situations. Your friends and family appreciate your ability to bring order to all aspects of life.

Earth is the Virgo's element and in fact, you are the only zodiac sign with a fixed connection to the element. The Earth's influence becomes obvious when your grounded nature is considered. While others have their heads in the clouds, you are rarely focused on dreams, as it makes much more sense to focus on the practical. Your pragmatism and prudence is as stable as the ground that you stand on. Embracing these qualities will be an important part of your future success, but avoid the overly cautious nature that accompanies Earth's influence.

Mercury is the ruling planet of your sign, but as you were born on the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also influenced by Saturn. While Mercury is the planet influencing your keen intellect and communication skills, Saturn's influence is seen in your discipline, patience and perseverance. This unique combination of planetary influence makes you a great problem solver. You tackle challenges in a practical and determined way. This ability is made even more clear, as you are able to use your communication skills to delegate effectively. Your planetary influence also supports your strong commitment to loved ones. You will accomplish great things in life as long as you remain focused on doing your best in work and relationships.

Your intellect, social skills and determination are the perfect recipe for success in a variety of careers. You are a natural leader, so you may be very effective in business, administration, media or public relations. Similarly, careers in education, science or writing may be well-paired with your intellectual interests. In any career, look to the perseverant careers of Terry Bradshaw and Salma Hayek, who both share your September 2nd birthday, for encouragement.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a boy moulded in his mother's aspirations for him. Whether or not you realize it, you have been formed by the influences of many. Allow your molding influences to guide your inner light and many rewards will surely follow.

Here are a few Virgo celebrities born on September 2 and their past or present romantic connections:

Salma Hayek (Virgo) and Antonio Banderas (Leo)
Keanu Reeves (Virgo) and Charlize Theron (Leo)

September 2 is associated with Birthday Number 11
September 2 is associated with Tarot Card 9 of Pentacles