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Ann Hoang

Most Popular
9, 1991
Birth Sign
9, 1991 (age 30)


YouTube vlogger and voice actor known as Annchirisu, she has gained more than 170,000 YouTube subscribers posting a variety of videos from vlogs to beauty tips to Let's Plays. She is perhaps best known for her voice impressions of video game and animated characters.

Before Fame

She began modeling in college to make extra cash. Around the same time period, she began making YouTube response and song videos, but later deleted them in leu of launching newer more professional channels.


Some of her most popular YouTube videos like "Hari: Gwiyomi Song Cover" and "Voicing All FEMALE League of Legends Champions" have earned upwards of 1 million views apiece.

Family Life

She has a younger brother and sister.

Associated With

She worked with fellow YouTubers Beckii Cruel and Ashley Marie Surcombe at Maker Studios in 2015.

Ann Hoang Popularity