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Cauê Moura

Most Popular
11, 1987
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Birth Sign
11, 1987 (age 33)
Sao Paulo, Brazil


One of the ten most subscribed to Brazilian vloggers on YouTube, he is a comedian and parody video creator on the network who has earned over 541 million views on his channel, Desce a Letra. He's also one of the co-hosts on the highly popular web series Ilha de Barbados

Before Fame

He was creative as a child, loving to draw and aspiring to be a filmmaker. He tried sports such as basketball and swimming, but never enjoyed them nor did very well in them.


He was once the vocalist in a funk band with friends. He was the videographer for a parkour channel called PKJUND, and even did parkour himself until injuries took their toll.

Family Life

He moved with his family to Fortaleza-CE when he was 13 because of his father's work.

Associated With

Fellow Brazilian YouTube superstar Julio Cocielo has been featured on his channel.

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