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Kiki Hermetic Kitten

Most Popular
1, 1990
Barcelona, Spain
Birth Sign
1, 1990 (age 28)
Barcelona, Spain


Translator turned YouTuber who has become widely known for her YouTube channel Hermetic Kitten, where she creates ASMR videos for her more than 290,000 subscribers.

Before Fame

She first began making ASMR relaxation videos in 2012, though she didn't create her Hermetic Kitten channel until 2013.


In addition to her ASMR channel, she has a second channel Languages with Kiki where she creates vlogs and other language videos for more than 15,000 subscribers.

Family Life

Her real name is Kiara Constantino. She is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Associated With

Like Maria GentleWispering, she is a YouTuber most well known for her autonomous sensory meridian response videos.

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