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Shawn Domonique Cotton

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21, 1989
Philadelphia, PA
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Philadelphia, PA


Blogger and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Say Cheese TV, an entertainment blog and platform dedicated to hiphop culture and artists. He was one of the first to realize that blogging had become less important than social media, and put his main focus to Instagram and Youtube.  He is a philanthropist, and uses his newfound fame and wealth to give back to his community. 

Before Fame

In 2011, he was working at the Best Buy distribution center in Texas when he came up with the idea for Say Cheese TV. He quit his job with only $27 in his bank account, using his last dollars to buy a new computer and purchase the domain name 


In 2018 he released a video of himself purchasing two plots of lands, and lectured about the dangers of spending money on material objects that deplete in value, solidifying himself as a role model in the social media world. 

Family Life

In April 2018 he posted a photo of him and his Dad at a Philly's game after surprising him with court-side seats. He is close with his mother and older sister, and for Christmas in 2017 surprised them by paying their rent. 

Associated With

Through the interviewing and filming of underground rappers, he has launched the career of artists such as Tay-K 47