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Braeton Brescia

Most Popular
25, 1995
New York
Birth Sign
25, 1995 (age 26)
New York



Famous for her SoCaLhco888 YouTube channel, she is well known for her vlogs and lip-synced music videos, as well as for the beauty tutorials found on her secondary ColorMyWorld888 YouTube channel.

Before Fame

She came from a small town where everybody knew everyone. She filmed countless videos with her best friends, was a cheerleader in school and ran track from a young age. She uploaded her first YouTube video, "Gymnastics GO TO MY PAGEE!," in November of 2008.


She was previously known for her short films and flashy music videos that she filmed and edited on her home computer. Her closest family and friends would often be featured in her videos.

Family Life

She grew up in New York with three sisters, Nicole, Joelle and Jenna. Her mom works as a hairdresser and her dad owns his own business.

Associated With

She and Ashley Nicole are both well known YouTube vloggers.

Braeton Brescia Popularity