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Most Popular
16, 1995
United States
Birth Sign
16, 1995 (age 25)
United States



Content creator on YouTube who has gained more than 950,000 subscribers by posting Fortnite minigame videos to his Bahri channel. He went viral with the video "I Hacked PrestonPlayz Fortnite Account And Did This... (TBNRfrags)."

Before Fame

He created his channel on January 24, 2019. The first video featured in his library was from three days later and titled "Fortnite Update! *NEW* Battle Bus Path, Creative Mode Locked Doors, Fortnite BR SubReddit!"


He posted a video called "PrestonPlayz Teaches Me Fortnite Parkour At His Office! (Fortnite Parkour School)." It was published a week before his most viral video.

Family Life

His real name is Keith Yazici. He dated a girl named Ariana Bratt. He subsequently began dating Micayla Morgan; the couple got engaged in 2020. He has a brother named Eren Yazici. His older brother is John Yazici, known online as ThatGuyBarney.

Associated With

He is a friend of fellow YouTuber ThatGuyBarney.

Bahri Popularity