Mahatma Gandhi

Civil Rights Leader

Birthday October 2, 1869

Birth Sign Libra

Birthplace Portbandar, India

DEATH DATE Jan 30, 1948 (78)

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Passive resistance leader who successfully led India in a nonviolent revolution (or Satyagraha) against the British Empire. He was a strong advocate against the caste system in India and worked hard to end segregation (or untouchability) in his country.

Before Fame

He studied law at the University College, London, where he abstained from meat and alcoholic beverages.


He encouraged forgiveness and was known for undergoing long fasts.

Family Life

He had five children named Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas, Devdas and another whom died before he could be named, and was criticized for sleeping next to his naked grandniece.

Associated With

His movement for non-violence and civil rights inspired other leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Mahatma Gandhi Highlights
Mahatma Gandhi Highlights