Sandy Carriello

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Also known as Sandy MC, he made up one-half of the merengue and hip hop duo Sandy & Papo that was well known for the house number "El Mueve Mueve" ("I Like to Move It"). After the death of his partner, he continued on as a solo artist beginning in 2000.

Before Fame

He and Papo formed during the rise of the merenhouse/house-merengue/merengue-hip hop rhythm movement in New York. They formed in 1995.


His solo albums include Homenaje a Papo (2000), El Duro Soy Yo (2005) and Insuperable (2011).

Family Life

He is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Associated With

The Sandy & Papo song "Candela" is featured in the 2006 animated film Happy Feet which was directed by George Miller.