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Ali Houmani

Most Popular
21, 1993
Ottawa, Canada
Birth Sign
21, 1993 (age 27)
Ottawa, Canada


YouTuber known simply as Ali H, he has accumulated more than 250,000 subscribers through reactions to scary videos, Siri-inspired pranks and sketches, and various spooky challenges. 

Before Fame

He originally opened his YouTube channel in April 2011 and followed with the debut video "Superman does Gangnam Style - Hot 89.9 Contest" in September 2012. 


One of his most popular YouTube videos is "(SIRI TOOK MY DOG) DO NOT TALK TO SIRI AT 3:00 AM | SIRI CONTACTED ME AT 3 AM AND STOLE MY DOG" posted in July 2017. 

Family Life

In August 2020, he married Emma Nicholson, who has appeared in videos on his channel like "(PRANK'D) GIRLFRIEND DOES MY MAKE UP | GIRLFRIEND PRANK'D ME AND DID MY MAKE UP." 

Associated With

Fellow YouTuber Kazzy appeared with him in his YouTube video "NASTY PUMPKIN PIE CHEAT DAY HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE!" posted in October 2016.