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Age: 1
Prince George at age 1

Prince George

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22, 2013
London, England
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22, 2013 (age 9)
London, England


First son of Prince William and Catherine Middleton and the third in line to the throne after Queen Elizabeth II, his grandfather, and his father. The world rejoiced at his birth, which marked a rare occasion whereby three generations of direct heirs to the throne lived during the same time. 

Before Fame

Before he was born, there was wide speculation and hysteria over whether or not he would be a boy or a girl. 


He was born in the same hospital that his father, and Uncle, Prince Harry, were born in. The Royal Mint issued commemorative coins when he was born. 

Family Life

His full name is George Alexander Louis. In May 2015, his mother gave birth to his sister Charlotte. Three years later, his brother Louis was born in April 2018. 

Associated With

His grandfather is Prince Charles of Wales