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Jordan Hurley

Most Popular
23, 2002
New Jersey
Birth Sign
23, 2002 (age 18)
New Jersey


TikTok video creator with a channel handle of jordanhurleyy who became best known for her comedy and singing videos. She has accrued more than 550,000 fans for her account.  

Before Fame

She became a popular TikTok creator by accident in January of 2019. She made a video to send to a friend and forgot to mark it as private. A few hours later, the video blew up. 


She began doing online school her sophomore year of high school. She grew up with a dog named Callaway. 

Family Life

She featured her father Frank in a lot of her TikTok videos. She has an older brother named Chris and her mom's name is Patricia. 

Associated With

She became a friend of Carson EvansNoel GajoBrianna Foster and Manny Rosario. She was a friend of Brianna in real life before TikTok as they lived near each other. 

Jordan Hurley Popularity