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Hali'a Beamer

Most Popular
4, 2005
Oahu, HI
Birth Sign
4, 2005 (age 13)
Oahu, HI


Quickly rose to fame on musical.ly, where she currently has over 5 million followers on her Aloha_halia account. She's lip synced popular songs by such artists as Ariana Grande and Snoop Dogg

Before Fame

In early 2016, she promoted her musical.ly account on Instagram by posting a video of her lip syncing a song called "Work from Home" featuring Ty Dolla Sign.


Her Instagram account has grown to over 800,000 followers. On Instagram, in addition to promoting her musical.ly videos, she also posts pictures with a variety of Snapchat filters.

Family Life

Her real name is Hali'a Beamer and she has three older brothers. Her mother Beth is also active on Instagram.

Associated With

She posted a musical.ly video of the song "Lay Up" by Future. The video has received over 48,000 hearts.

Video Clips